Sports Mama Tip: 12 Homecoming Proposal Poster Ideas

It finally happened, Mamas. No. 1 asked a girl to be his date for this year’s Homecoming dance! Talk about all the feels. And he didn’t just walk up to her and ask… nope, that’s so early 2000s. He “proposed”!

He made a poster, bought flowers, and surprised her at her (8am!) lacrosse game.

Back to the poster. Because let’s be honest, it’s all about the poster. It reads “I think we would have a chil-lax time if we went to Hoco together”. Get it? Lax, lacrosse? I searched the depths of Pinterest to find it. When I shared the photo to the Confessions of a Sports Mama Facebook Group, I had a request to write a blog post with proposal poster ideas. So here we are!

Here are 12 sports themed proposal poster ideas:


  • Want to tackle Homecoming with me?
  • You intercepted my heart. Let’s tackle Hoco together.


  • Want to take a shot at Homecoming?
  • I’d rather not pass on a shot to score you. Hoco?


  • I’m stepping up to the plate, can I be your Homecoming date?
  • It would a home run if you went to Hoco with me.


  • My goal is to kick it with you at Homecoming.
  • Homecoming would be a red card if you weren’t my date.


  • I would cheer extra loud if I scored a date with you to Hoco.

Generic Sports

  • I finally got the balls to ask you to Homecoming.
  • Hoping to score a date with you to Hoco.
  • #5 (insert jersey number) on the field/court, but #1 in my heart. Homecoming?

I hope you found this post helpful! Or that you save it for when that time in your motherhood journey arrives. I’d love to hear/see your ideas! Please feel free to comment below or join myself and hundreds of other real Sports Mamas, just like yourself on Facebook.

Happy Homecoming season!